Good News !!! Campsite will re open Saturday 4th July 

Online bookings only and must be a member of the camping & caravanning club

Please note payments to made at time of booking online

There are no toilets, no showers or no chemical disposal pointNo tents, or trailer tents, bookings for Caravan & Motorhomes only, must be a member.


Campsite changes & measures put in place in relation with COVID-19 

To ensure our campsite is safe for campers to return, we have had to put measures in place, which are very different from how we ran pre-Covid days. 

So please ensure you read this before booking and you must adhere to these rules.  I am sure you will understand that we have  put in place as a requirement by the government  to ensure the risk is minimal during your stay. 

  1. All booking are now made via our website, no payments can be taken over the phone. 

  2. All bookings are non refundable and payment in full must be made at time of booking

  3. If you have any of the symptoms before you arrive please stay at home and let us know by email that you are unable to attend your booking

  4. No family and friend group bookings allowed (each party will need to book individually and adhere to social distancing whilst here)

  5. Campers must not let their children roam unsupervised on the campsite so they do not, break the 2m rule.

  6. campers to ensure they bring soap, hand gel, gloves, disinfectant and hand sanitiser

  7. Campers to use their own toilet and shower. There are no toilet or shower facilities or chemical disposal point anymore as these are a high risk area.  We are currently working on new toilet and shower blocks. So only if you have these facilities on board your caravan or motor home, then it would be okay  for you to visit. 

  8. There are still drinking water taps on the site, please sanitise your hands after touching these, as these will still be available to all. 

  9. You can arrive on site from 2pm until 8pm at night (summer months) and you go straight to an available pitch

  10. Departures are by 12.00 pm latest

  11. Please ensure that during your stay and before you depart you put your rubbish appropriately put into the recycling bins on the campsite. Preferably in carrier bags or bin liners. As this rubbish has to be sorted through for recycling and it will then help us reduce the risk for us handling it. 

  12. If you need to speak to anyone during your stay, please contact Michelle preferably text 07703 627366, or phoning & no answer leave a message. 

  13. Pets are still welcome, however please ensure you clean up after them and they are on a lead at all times. 

  14. The pitches have enough distance between each to avoid going over the 2 meter rule, however please ensure you adhere when about the site.

  15. Absolutely no visitors allowed to campsite and that includes family members

  16. One car per pitch or extra charge for more than one 

  17. anyone not sticking to the rules will be asked to leave without a refund

  18. No tent camping allowed as we have no appropriate facilities to accommodate you.



  •  There is no kite flying on site as there are overhead power lines

  • On arrival go straight to an available pitch

  • Text 07711178004 with your....full  name and 'arrived' ( that will be your check in)

  • please ensure that you use the recycle bins provide at the top of the campsite  

  • Social distance and please ensure you are following the above

  • Then that's all you need to do other than enjoy your stay 

  • There is a BP garage half a mile up the road right out of the drive, which sells milk, bread etc. 

  • Highly recommend Indian takeaway less than half a mile, right out of drive, before the BP garage. 

  • On Departure please depart by 12.00 pm, for next booking to arrive.

  • Thank you, stay safe!

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